Congressional Assistance, Ombudsman Case Assistance, and Mandamus Action:

My case is outside of processing times and I have already completed multiple inquiries and gone to an infopass appointment. What else can I do to move my case along?

There are several courses of action that can be taken when the case is outside of processing times. We recommend that you first document at least three (3) inquiries 60 days apart before pursuing them:

  1. Contact your local congressional representative and ask for case assistance. You can look up your representative by zip code on the US House of Representatives website:
  2. Once you have documented three (3) inquiries (by phone or online) we can do a request for Ombudsman case assistance. This service is $500.00 and can take several months for them to respond.
  3. File a mandamus action in Federal District Court. We can recommend a litigation attorney to file this application and fees typically start at $5000.00 for this type of service.
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