Our Story

Antonia Canero is the founding partner of Antonia Canero P.A. A graduate of the University of Miami Law School, Antonia is fluent in Spanish, and French. She has practiced Immigration Law in Miami Florida since 1992 and specializes in Business and Corporate Immigration Law. Her partner Michelle Canero is a graduate of the University of Miami Law and is the managing partner of the firm. The law firm focuses on employment based immigration and corporate matters, but has a litigation and family law division, so it is a full service firm. Our lawyers are supported by experienced support staff and cutting edge technology.


Personalized Service, Teamwork and Perseverance

Canero Law is committed to sustainable development, which begins with our clients. We look at each person who becomes our client as a long-term commitment and we seek solutions, which will reach long-term goals for our clients.

We view the whole family as our client. The children and spouses welfare and status are as important as the successful achievement of the client’s immigration procedures. We analyze the ability to work for the spouse, the children’s college needs, and most importantly we try to avoid any child turning 21 without reaching lawful permanent residence.

What We Do?

When a client retains us we elicit their long-term goals. Our solutions are based on the business practice and expertise of the client. We refuse to recommend visas based on cookie cutter solutions, the visa must match the immigrants skills and goals. This is the only way to ensure a sustainable outcome. A visa is not a piece of paper; it is a lifestyle, with limitations.

We ask our clients to be partners in achieving these solutions. We have an open door philosophy, which encourages clients to come and discuss changes they plan to make and how this affects their immigration status. A conversation can deflect a potential immigration disaster.

At Canero Immigration Law Firm, we take pride in solving our client’s immigration issues.  With over 25 years of legal experience, Canero Immigration Law Firm is dedicated to providing our clients with informed and effective legal advice.



Many of our employees were former clients. We seek to use the resources available in our community, which are the immigrants we serve. Our staff can respond to dilemmas, which present themselves to the immigrant with compassion and expertise, because they have been through the experience.

Canero Law Immigration Law Firm staff are constantly trained in the law and in office management. Our monthly meetings range in topic from changes in laws, to new technology. Each staff member participates openly and freely in these meetings, and all opinions are treated with equal value. Our staff participate in Immigration Conferences and seminars all year long.

As a group we participate in community activities and every year we chose a charity we wish to support. Over the holidays we adopt a couple of families with less fortunate economic circumstances and provide them with Christmas gifts for their children, and food for the season celebrations. We take the gifts to the family and spend time with them. We all participate in the Miami Corporate Run and encourage a healthy life style for our employees. At our annual corporate retreat we encourage our employees to come with their families because our focus is to build a team that wants to work together and spend time with each other.

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